Grand Rounds Vol. 7 No. 45

(http://www NULL.jamesloganmd NULL.0-21 NULL.png)<tt>Remember the days when one accessed the internet by using a telephone line to dial up an isp? For that matter, remember when one made telephone calls using an actual telephone line? Well, for this blogger, that day has returned. I very foolishly agreed to host grand rounds during the week after a move to a new apartment (still no agreement on a new dining room table (http://www NULL.jamesloganmd, by the way) not realizing that our high speed internet would not yet be set up during the time I would be preparing this post. No matter. I temporarily have free dial-up access! Hence, this grand rounds is going to be a tribute to Web 1.0 and the various deprecated tags of HTML 4. Comments, of course, are still enabled.</tt>


  • <DM>Guest post by Sysy Morales at Diabetes Mine (http://www NULL.diabetesmine on the top 10 things women want their partners to know about their diabetes (http://www NULL.diabetesmine NULL.html).</DM>
  • <!>Henry Stern from InsureBlog (http://insureblog NULL.blogspot gives us the story of man who takes the idea of patient empowerment (http://insureblog NULL.blogspot NULL.html) a bit too far.</!>
  • <ouch>Ryan Dubosar, who blogs at ACP Internist (http://blog NULL.acpinternist runs with this theme, mentioning the same case in his post about self surgery (http://blog NULL.acpinternist NULL.html).</ouch>
  • <chest pain>Ryan also blogs at ACP Hospitalist (http://blog NULL.acphospitalist and, in this post (http://blog NULL.acphospitalist NULL.html), examines the connection between chest pain and the liklihood of acute MI.</chest pain>
  • <ALCL>Can breast implants cause cancer? Ramona Bates from Suture for a Living (http://rlbatesmd NULL.blogspot gives us more information on a clinical entity known as anaplastic large cell lymphoma (http://rlbatesmd NULL.blogspot NULL.html).</ALCL>
  • <med news>Jessie Gruman gives us a post on how the revenue model for online news undermines our ability to make good choices about our health care (http://blog NULL.preparedpatientforum She posts regularly on the What It Takes (http://blog NULL.preparedpatientforum blog at the Prepared Patient Forum (http://www NULL.preparedpatientforum website</med news>
  • <brca 1>Amy Berman, who blogs at The John A Hartford Foundation Blog (http://www NULL.jhartfound, gives us the fifth post (http://www NULL.jhartfound in her series on living with stage IV breast cancer.</brca 1>
  • <brca 2>Breast cancer survivor Beth Gainer gives us a post this week on the psychological burden of her illness (http://bethlgainer NULL.blogspot NULL.html) Her blog is called Calling the Shots (http://www NULL.bethlgainer NULL.blogspot</brca 2>
  • <htn>Dr. Charles (http://www NULL.theexaminingroom looks at the pitfalls of evaluating blood pressure in an office setting (http://www NULL.theexaminingroom</htn>
  • <heat>Dr. Paul S. Auerbach has a post on this past week’s unprecedented heat wave (http://www NULL.healthline over at Healthline (http://www NULL.healthline</heat>
  • <portal>Steve Wilkins of Mind the Gap (http://healthecommunications NULL.wordpress gives us his take on patient portals (http://healthecommunications NULL.wordpress</portal>
  • <psych>Finally, Will Meek gives us a very interesting post on the clinical issue of believing that something is fundamentally wrong with oneself (http://willmeekphd He blogs at (http://www NULL.willmeekphd</psych>


<i>Next week’s Grand Rounds will be hosted by Dr. Deb (http://drdeborahserani NULL.blogspot</i>

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  1. rlbates (http://rlbatesmd NULL.blogspot

    Thanks for hosting, especially with dial up access!

  2. hgstern (http://www NULL.insureblog

    Thanks for hosting, and for including our post!

  3. Steve Wilkins (http://www NULL.healthecommunications NULL.wordpress


    Thanks for your hard work under difficult circumstances!

    Steve Wilkins

  4. Amy Berman (http://www NULL.jhartfound

    Much appreciated for the kind mention in this week’s Grand Rounds. I hope that you have blissfully settled into home 2.0.

  5. Jessie Gruman (http://www NULL.preparedpatientforum

    Great work, James. Thank you so much for including my post. Everyone here especially liked the Web 1.0 style!

  6. Beth L. Gainer (http://www NULL.bethlgainer NULL.blogspot

    Hi James,
    Thank you for including my posting! I appreciate it.
    — Beth

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