Grand Rounds for August 2, 2011

This week, I have the honor of hosting my first ever Grand Rounds (http://getbetterhealth  Let’s make it a good one!  No particular theme this week.  Just submit whatever you think is your best/most relevant work.  I will, however, suggest a few guidelines:

  1. Posts should be no more than 1 week old.
  2. Posts should be the original work of the author and should not appear anywhere else besides the author’s own personal blog or website.
  3. Posts should be medical in nature.
  4. Creative works including fiction and poetry are encouraged.
  5. Posts that make me laugh get the top slots.

Email your posts to james[at]jamesloganmd[dot]com.  I must receive your submission by Sunday, July 31.  Thanks for stopping by!

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