Not dead yet

When I was ten years old, I had four goldfish. They lived quite happily in a five gallon tank with a couple of snails, gravel and some fake plants. My parents only let me have them on the condition that I absolutely promised to take care of them and keep the tank clean. I held up my end of this bargain for about a year – cleaning the tank every month as scheduled, making sure the fish got fed, etc.
When I turned eleven, my priorities had begun to shift. I was starting to become more interested in sports and girls and less interested in fish. Fish tank cleaning intervals stretched from every fourth week to every sixth week, then every two months – my guilt increasing in direct proportion to the length of time I was overdue on this chore. At some point, I had gone so long without cleaning the tank – two of the original four fish now survived, swimming in a cloudy brown ooze that was nearly equal parts water and fish feces – that I had begun to wish they would just die so that I wouldn’t have to clean the tank again. Eventually, they did.
I fear I’ve done the same with this blog as it has now been nearly six months since I last posted! Well, I’m cleaning out the tank. My stats would suggest that there are at least two or three of you who’ve not yet abandoned me. Expect me to be posting daily, or at least semi daily in 2011!

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    Alright, scratch everything I said in this post. I’m too busy. I will most likely continue to post sporadically, without warning.

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