Take your own pulse

For, no particular reason, I was reminded of House of God today. Why do people like that book so much? I feel it’s less insightful than people give it credit for. I read about 2/3 of it five or ten years ago.
“The patient is the one with the disease.” That’s great. I was never worried that I had any disease. My problem, as a resident, is that my patients have diseases which I don’t know how to treat.
“The first thing to do in a crisis is, take your own pulse.” 180. Great, now what?
I will eventually write my own memoir reflecting on my residency years. Maybe with this blog, I can generate some buzz around its release. Plan for it to come out somewhere around 2018.

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  1. dragonfly (http://www NULL.thedragonflyinitiative NULL.blogspot NULL.com)

    I read it in first year because it is one of those “classics” that you “have” to read. The quotes are good ones, but a lot of it does not apply to medical culture nowadays (not necessarily the burnout, more the lack of DNRs etc). I’m still glad I read it but have disagreed with people who tell you that it is a “guide”.

  2. I absolutely L o v e d that book and loved the sequel even more…probably because i have, ah, some things in common with it….? Uh-oh, too much info. ;) Ummmmm, i thought “H of G” was supposed to be part realism, part cynical….but “Mount Misery” seems to have more realism…and it’s funny…to me.
    LOL….verification “pinups”

  3. Can’t wait to read your memior, Dr. Logan. i’ll be the first in line….with my walker!

  4. James (http://www NULL.jamesloganmd NULL.com)

    Hopefully you won’t have to wait that long for it!

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