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Grand Rounds Vol. 7 No. 45

(http://www NULL.jamesloganmd NULL.0-21 NULL.png)<tt>Remember the days when one accessed the internet by using a telephone line to dial up an isp? For that matter, remember when one made telephone calls using an actual telephone line? Well, for this blogger, that day has returned. I very foolishly agreed to host grand rounds during the week after a move to a new apartment (still no agreement on a new dining room table (http://www NULL.jamesloganmd, by the way) not realizing that our high speed internet would not yet be set up during the time I would be preparing this post. No matter. I temporarily have free dial-up access! Hence, this grand rounds is going to be a tribute to Web 1.0 and the various deprecated tags of HTML 4. Comments, of course, are still enabled.</tt>


  • <DM>Guest post by Sysy Morales at Diabetes Mine (http://www NULL.diabetesmine on the top 10 things women want their partners to know about their diabetes (http://www NULL.diabetesmine NULL.html).</DM>
  • <!>Henry Stern from InsureBlog (http://insureblog NULL.blogspot gives us the story of man who takes the idea of patient empowerment (http://insureblog NULL.blogspot NULL.html) a bit too far.</!>
  • <ouch>Ryan Dubosar, who blogs at ACP Internist (http://blog NULL.acpinternist runs with this theme, mentioning the same case in his post about self surgery (http://blog NULL.acpinternist NULL.html).</ouch>
  • <chest pain>Ryan also blogs at ACP Hospitalist (http://blog NULL.acphospitalist and, in this post (http://blog NULL.acphospitalist NULL.html), examines the connection between chest pain and the liklihood of acute MI.</chest pain>
  • <ALCL>Can breast implants cause cancer? Ramona Bates from Suture for a Living (http://rlbatesmd NULL.blogspot gives us more information on a clinical entity known as anaplastic large cell lymphoma (http://rlbatesmd NULL.blogspot NULL.html).</ALCL>
  • <med news>Jessie Gruman gives us a post on how the revenue model for online news undermines our ability to make good choices about our health care (http://blog NULL.preparedpatientforum She posts regularly on the What It Takes (http://blog NULL.preparedpatientforum blog at the Prepared Patient Forum (http://www NULL.preparedpatientforum website</med news>
  • <brca 1>Amy Berman, who blogs at The John A Hartford Foundation Blog (http://www NULL.jhartfound, gives us the fifth post (http://www NULL.jhartfound in her series on living with stage IV breast cancer.</brca 1>
  • <brca 2>Breast cancer survivor Beth Gainer gives us a post this week on the psychological burden of her illness (http://bethlgainer NULL.blogspot NULL.html) Her blog is called Calling the Shots (http://www NULL.bethlgainer NULL.blogspot</brca 2>
  • <htn>Dr. Charles (http://www NULL.theexaminingroom looks at the pitfalls of evaluating blood pressure in an office setting (http://www NULL.theexaminingroom</htn>
  • <heat>Dr. Paul S. Auerbach has a post on this past week’s unprecedented heat wave (http://www NULL.healthline over at Healthline (http://www NULL.healthline</heat>
  • <portal>Steve Wilkins of Mind the Gap (http://healthecommunications NULL.wordpress gives us his take on patient portals (http://healthecommunications NULL.wordpress</portal>
  • <psych>Finally, Will Meek gives us a very interesting post on the clinical issue of believing that something is fundamentally wrong with oneself (http://willmeekphd He blogs at (http://www NULL.willmeekphd</psych>


<i>Next week’s Grand Rounds will be hosted by Dr. Deb (http://drdeborahserani NULL.blogspot</i>

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Grand Rounds for August 2, 2011

This week, I have the honor of hosting my first ever Grand Rounds (http://getbetterhealth  Let’s make it a good one!  No particular theme this week.  Just submit whatever you think is your best/most relevant work.  I will, however, suggest a few guidelines:

  1. Posts should be no more than 1 week old.
  2. Posts should be the original work of the author and should not appear anywhere else besides the author’s own personal blog or website.
  3. Posts should be medical in nature.
  4. Creative works including fiction and poetry are encouraged.
  5. Posts that make me laugh get the top slots.

Email your posts to james[at]jamesloganmd[dot]com.  I must receive your submission by Sunday, July 31.  Thanks for stopping by!

I’m on a horse

I try to post unoriginal content as infrequently as possible. So, when I do find something that I just can’t resist posting, you know it must be good.

Thanks, Shannon (http://bitter-girl

Stale parts of my brain

Today I visited my blog for the first time in what seems like ages. I half expected my browser window to crack and crumble like stale bread as I scrolled through old entries. If I didn’t know better, I would almost believe that much of this stuff was written by somebody else. It wasn’t, I assure you. I don’t claim any of what you read here to be factually true. But, it is all by a single author and all opinions represented here do represent those of said author.
On a vaguely related note, my brain’s limited capacity to keep large amounts of information readily accessible has begun to bother me. It’s not so much a matter of total memory storage. I have clear memories of what I ate for breakfast in third grade and the first long road trip our family took during the summer before first grade. Rather, it’s a problem of accessing relevant information when I need it. I need more RAM. Take this blog, for example. I created this all myself. I didn’t write the actual code or create the HTML doc’s. Moveable type, sandbox and various other services were kind enough to do some free legwork for me. But I did put it all together and modify it to my liking. There was a time when I was quite proficient in HTML and web design. Today, I was lucky to remember how to get past the login screen let alone how I set the whole thing up. If something ever breaks, I’ll be in trouble because I’m the only one (in theory) who knows how it all works.
Aside these frustrations, the reason this blog has languished is not because I’ve run out of things to say. Quite the contrary. Nor is it because I haven’t had time to devote to writing; residency is actually treating me quite well in that respect. It’s mainly just a matter of laziness. And I plan to stop being lazy very soon. Maybe even as soon as tomorrow. Or maybe next month :)

Code of ethics has officially become part of the healthcare bloggers’ community. Check out the new badge!


Just writing a few lines as I wait for Windows 7 to download. I do have a new post planned. In the spirit of the holidays, the topic will be empathy and what the concept is completely irrelevant to medicine. I’ll have it up by Christmas Eve.

Take your own pulse

For, no particular reason, I was reminded of House of God today. Why do people like that book so much? I feel it’s less insightful than people give it credit for. I read about 2/3 of it five or ten years ago.
“The patient is the one with the disease.” That’s great. I was never worried that I had any disease. My problem, as a resident, is that my patients have diseases which I don’t know how to treat.
“The first thing to do in a crisis is, take your own pulse.” 180. Great, now what?
I will eventually write my own memoir reflecting on my residency years. Maybe with this blog, I can generate some buzz around its release. Plan for it to come out somewhere around 2018.


So, I’ve finally gotten around to getting my blogroll going. Like many things on this site, I can’t get it to work properly yet. Don’t be offended if you don’t see your blog there just yet. Chances are I’m planning to put it there just as soon as I can figure out the script. Once I get it all working, I’ll put out a formal invitation to include those who would like their blogs to appear in my blogroll.

Facebook connect

I’m working on adding a new plugin called Facebook Connect (http://plugins NULL.movabletype to this site. It will allow commenters who have a facebook account to display their facebook profile pic and profile along with their comment. The content of their comment would then be shared on their Facebook profile page. Pretty cool stuff! But, it’s a bit of a pain in the ass to figure out how to install. It’ll be a week or so before it’s ready.

It’s back!

TADA! My blog is back. Please pardon the mess. I still have a lot of sprucing up to do. But all posts are accessible for you read and comment upon at your leisure.